Drilling Projects – Underground Utility & Civil Works Progress

UFB2+ – Rural Ultra Fast Broadband installation, Otago/Southland/Canterbury. We are proud to be engaged by our service principal contractor Visionstream to deploy complete town builds for fibre network deployment in small rural communities across Otago and Southland. Some of our recently completed towns include Manapouri, Mossburn, Kingston, Riversdale, Waikaia – there are many other smaller towns across the South Island we are looking forward to working in in the years to come, provising turnkey builds up to and including fibre splicing . We are proud to have received top results in final quality audits of our builds by our client as well as Crown Infrstructure. Our programme has consistently ran ahead of schedule with no delays to customers wanting to connect.

This is a long term project that will initially see the majority of Otago/Southland Chorus customers have access to Ultra Fast Broadband connectivity in their home or business. The project entails installation of fibre cabling in street berms, under footpaths, road crossings (drilling under roads), fibre terminal installation, cable hauling, and connections to boundary

We have specialised drilling equipment which can handle the rocky terrain and hard abrasivbe ground conditions of the South Island – thus reducing the need to trench and cause disturbance to existing sealed and soft surfaces (berms, footpaths, driveways, roads)


Irrigation – we have carried out several successful irrigation scheme installs of up to 150mm diamater pipe by directional drill, crossing state highways and drilling the conduit in street berms to connect to water supply valves. We can complete most high risk jobs in 1 day eliminating the need to work around live traffic for extended periods of time


Private Fibre / Right Of Ways / Augmentation

We have ongoing work with the majority of Chorus service partners (Visionstream / UCG ) involving cabling installation on private roads not covered by UFB project rollout. Recent sites include Ash Lane/Amber Close/Kowhai Place in Cromwell, where directional drilling was successfully utilised to eliminate trenching and cutting of driveways and roads almost entirely, despite a significant existing service footprint (reticulated gas, irrgiation, electricity, water , wastewater and copper cabling all in the same berm)

We are involved in ongoing projects installing undeground cabling for fibre access to WiFi stations, cellsites and fibre terminals.


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