Modern and Well Maintained Directional Drilling EQUIPMENT

Directional drilling allows for drilling under existing services with trenchless boring which means sewer, stormwater, commercial power, comms/data networks, gas and water can be positioned under existing services. Drilling allows trenchless installation which means no disturbance or damage to lawns, driveways, road seal or other street furniture , thus drastically reducing the reinstatement required after installation of the pipe/network, resulting in the project being completed faster, cleaner, and more cost effective.

Our directional drills are modern and well – maintained, ensuring minimum technical issues and downtime. We are able to install pipe in the challenging ground conditions in Central Otago and other areas prone to loose rock and sand, due to the expertise of our staff who have years of experience working on projects across all of NZ.

We provide integrated, modern, drilling systems that link procedures, people, and technology to deliver better performance, at a lower cost and a faster result without compromising the safety of the worksite. On Target Drilling South Ltd delivers a modern approach to drilling that provides real time information and rapid and effective solutions to your underground utility installation needs.

directional drilling
directional drilling


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